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Colour Forecast for 2014

On 11, Oct 2013 | In Uncategorized | By admin

We are constantly working with various brands that require us to deliver colour palettes for the upcoming year. Here we share a little insight by the Colour Marketing Group that guage social and economic trends to assist marketers in this area. “Cheerful, overtly optimistic colors are going to be taking a breather in coming years” Alexandria, Va – August 2013:
Color Marketing Group, a leading international association of color design professionals, shares color information from its recent 2013 ChromaZone Color Forecasting Events held throughout North America: It seems the cheerful chromatic palette we experienced last year is pleasantly shifting in a more sophisticated, mature direction. The upturned optimistic outlook of a growing economy is slowly stabilizing and creeping conservatively positive as opposed to a more robust growth spurt. Early indicators are revealing a trend down in chromaticity by softening our color entrees more in a pastelle direction.

Cheerful, overtly optimistic colors are going to be taking a breather in coming years. As the economy slowly stabilizes and returns to growth, color appears to be settling as well. “Local” will still be vitally important influence from handcrafts to garden; inspiring meals, gifts and urban planning. It’s an exciting time and though we will still crisp colors and strong chroma, the money is on colors that have been pulled back a bit. We don’t want to give up our colors, we’re just going to let them settle down.

Color Marketing Group, founded in 1962 is a not-for-profit international association of color design experts who forecast color directions ®.



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A Great Fit: Wolseley looks to Boomerang A+D for creative services

On 03, Oct 2013 | In Uncategorized | By admin

September 2013: Wolseley Canada, has selected Boomerang Art + Design as its go-to creative services team in Canada. In addition to ongoing creative services including branding refinements, Boomerang A+D will provide a full spectrum of communications and marketing activities to Wolseley Canada during an exciting year of growth and national expansion across Canada with many first-to-market initiatives including online and new mobile features.

Wolseley Canada is the country’s leading national distributor of plumbing, hydronic, HVAC/R and PVF products and solutions to professional contractors, retailers, and industrial users.
With a network of over 220 branches coast-to-coast , and a national team of sales and service specialist, the Wolseley team is known for their knowledge and expertise that customers have come to rely on for their ever changing needs.

“We will be the leader in each market segment in which we operate, demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement and a relentless drive to discover innovative ways to manage our business and exceed customers’ expectations. Inspiring employees through an environment that fosters excellence and provides opportunities for personal and professional development, we will be the best local distributor across Canada.”

We’re thrilled with the opportunity and trust that Wolseley has placed on our creative team at Boomerang A+D. There is a fair bit of work from a branding perspective with a market leader like Wolseley that has grown so rapidly through aquisitions. We’re keen to get started to help articulate key strategic strengths of the organization for continued growth in the coming years.



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Digital publications showing growth

On 08, Aug 2013 | In Uncategorized | By admin

Digital publication numbers are on the rise. Over the past year, with declining numbers in newsstand sales of most typical consumer publication, digital views of the same titles are on the rise. Although the numbers are, for the most part single digit % gains, they are climbing steadily. You have to walk before you run, so expect these numbers to rise sharply, specially with the surge on demand on tablets and new technology. Quoting The New York Times “The numbers, released by the Alliance for Audited Media, also showed that a solid base of loyal magazine readers were simply turning to the digital versions of magazines. Digital replica editions — which replicate the format of the print editions — now make up 3.3 percent of total magazine circulation, with 10.2 million digital replica editions sold in the first half of 2013. During the same time period in 2012, magazines sold 5.4 million digital editions, which made up 1.7 percent of circulation.
Here at Boomerang we’re paying attention. We are offering all of our customers the ability to publish all their print titles digitally as well. These publications can be anything from magazines, company newsletters, year end reports or just about any multi page document. We’ll wrap the experience in your brand colours and give your readers a great online experience. Give us a call and we can discuss this opportunity further. Or feel free to email me with your questions