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By admin

Social media falling?

On 16, Apr 2013 | In Business, Technology | By admin

I couldn’t believe a recent article i read that noted that social media numbers were falling. When i thought just the opposite.

I know from personal experience, my kids and friends, they largely depend on social media tools to stay connected today more than ever. However in a recent study by Experian Marketing Services recently found that, the use of social media platforms has fallen 3% from the previous year in the US, as a proportion of time spent on your personal technology. UK was down to 22% vs 25% the year before and Australia 24% vs 27% the year before. I’m just scraping the surface here with the data what the data also noted was a very dramatic shift from the traditional laptop/desktop computer use to a huge increase in time spent on mobile devices with access via 3G and 4G networks.
A few things we can keep in mind when we start to discuss your next promotional campaign.