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An independent multi-disciplinary design agency.

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Who we are:

We are a small and thoughtful design agency, that is big enough to deliver and small enough to care. Established in 1990 by Fredrik Carlberg, Boomerang has stuck to those disciplines that we know and understand and therefore add value to any project, that’s why we’re still around. Our team is made up of smart, senior level associates that are properly trained, to make smart, tactical decisions on your project.

We understand print, web and marketing tactics that rely on these mediums.

We appreciate clients that understand the value of good design and that it’s not something that is tacked on at the end of the process – they appreciate it’s a “day one” issue and part of everything.

We understand the order and place that today’s tools have on the final result.

We never stop exploring. As technology and styles continue to evolve so does our skill-set. What good is a concept without the ability to build and apply to the marketplace.

We employ talent and skills that leverage knowledge according to project to create solutions that work and add personality to your brand.


We believe as Milton Glaser once said:
“Computers are to design as microwaves are to cooking”

Our process:

On the surface, ‘process’ would appear to be the antithesis of creativity, however, the most engaging solutions arise from a disciplined approach to exploring possibilities.

Our process begins by understanding your marketing objectives then investigating the market influences. We listen and weigh your perspective with how your brand is actually viewed by your customers. This analysis may require store visits, reviews, interviews, research and yeah, some good ol’ common sense.

Working from the defined objectives and attuned to the insight that underpins your customers’ need, we articulate the essence of the desired take-away. It not only frames the hierarchy of messaging but layers in functional and emotional triggers.

The final creative expression emerges from free-association. A variety of creative concepts are developed and explored. Ideas get played off one another until a nugget, an “aha” emerges that’s powerfully creative and strategic. The process travels through a plethora of fonts, colours, textures until an ordered, strategic concept breathes new life. Once vetted and refined, the expression is set loose in the market to work for your brand.

Let’s talk about putting this process to work for your next project.